Pro-Government Militias

Pro-Government Militia Website

Groups with Relationship to Government: semi-official (type 2)

United States State Defence Forces
Israel Settlers
Civil Guard
Village Leagues
Saudi Arabia Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice
Guatemala Civilian Defence Patrols
Afghanistan village defence force
Southern tribal militia
El Salvador Civil Defence Patrols
Nicaragua Sandinista Popular/People's Militias
Panama Dignity Battalions
Colombia Rural Defence Groups or Convivir
Soldiers from my Town
China Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
Peru Rondas Campesinas
India Village Defence Force Punjab
Village Defence Committee Kashmir
Village Defence Committee Himachal
Home Guard
Salwa Judum
Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party
Myanmar (Burma) People's Militia
Union Solidarity and Development Association
Swan Ar shin (Masters of Force)
Sri Lanka Home Guard
Haiti Ton Ton Macoutes Type 2 AKA Volunteers for National Security
Netherlands Gladio
Thailand Village Defence Volunteers
Task Force 80
Cambodia Provincial and Village Militia
France Glaive Gladio
Switzerland Gladio P26
Malaysia Rela
Brunei Gurkha Reserve Unit
Philippines Civilian Home Defence Force
Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units
Manila Crusaders for Peace and Democracy
Civilian Volunteer Organisation
Indonesia Ratih - rakyat terlatih
Pemuda Panca Marga
Pemuda Pancasila
Team Alfa
Team Saka
Sharia Police
Hungary Workers' Militia
Czechoslovakia Peoples' Militia
Italy Gladio
Macedonia Macedonian Lions
United Kingdom Gladio
Bosnia-Herzegovina Mujahidin Unit
Greece Gladio
Romania Patriotic Guard
Russia Volunteer People's Militia
Young Russia
Estonia Kaitseliit (Defence League)
Lithuania Lithuanian Riflemen's Union
Sweden Gladio
Norway Gladio
Denmark Gladio
Ghana Battalion 64
Association of Committees for the Defence of the Revolution
Committee for the Defense of the Revolution
Civil Defense Organization
Progressive Voluntary Organization
Ghana Private Road Transport Union
Patriots Club of Ghana
Nigeria Anambra State Vigilante Group aka Onitsha Vigilante Group aka Bakassi Boys
Neighbourhood Watch a.k.a Vigilante Groups
Operation Vigilance
Zamfara State Vigilante (umbrella org. for various Sharia enforcement vigilantes)
Edo State Vigilante
Abia State Vigilante Group aka Bakassi Boys
Congo Kinshasa Special Presidential Division
Civil Guard
Uganda Rhino (Amuka) Defence Force
Arrow militia
Local Defence Units
Belgium Gladio
Rwanda Local Defence Force
Ethiopia Peoples' Militia
Tigray Militia
Kebele Militia
Angola People's Defence Organization (ODP)
Peoples Vigilante Brigades
Civil Defence Organization (ODC)
Mozambique People's militia and vigilance brigades
Zimbabwe People's Militia
Youth Service Brigade/Green Bombers
Malawi Young Pioneers (Malawi Congress Party)
Bolivia Special Security Service
Germany Schwert (Gladio)
Algeria Groups for Legitimate Defense (aka Patriots)
Communal Guards
Libya People's Cavalry Force
Revolutionary Guards
Revolutionary Committees
Sudan Popular Defence Forces (PDF)
People's Police
South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF)
Iran Revolutionary Guard
Basij militia
Turkey village guards
Iraq Popular Army/Jerusalem Army
Fedayeen Saddam
Saddam's Lion Cubs