Pro-Government Militias

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Type of Material Support: plunder and loot

Georgia White Legion
Haiti Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH) AKA Attaches AKA Zenglendons
Congo Kinshasa FDLR
FDD (Forces for the Defence of Democracy)
Mai Mai (Mayi Mayi)
Special Presidential Division
Afghanistan Hizb-e-Wahdat
Ismaili militia
Cote d'Ivoire Young Patriots
Liberia Wild Geese
United Liberation Movement for Democracy - Kromah (ULIMO-K)
Anti-Terrorist Unit
Government of Liberia (GOL) militias
Small Boys' Unit
National Patriotic Front of Liberia
Jungle Fire Militia/Unit
Sierra Leone Civil Defense Forces/Kamajor/Donso/Gbethis/Kapras
West Side Boys
Bolivia Special Security Service
Nigeria Anambra State Vigilante Group aka Onitsha Vigilante Group aka Bakassi Boys
Neighbourhood Watch a.k.a Vigilante Groups
Myanmar (Burma) Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
Central African Republic Liberators
Thailand Task Force 80
Uganda 'Ragged' Militia
Burundi Guardians of Peace
Ethiopia Peoples' Militia
Mozambique Naparama
Zimbabwe Youth Service Brigade/Green Bombers
War Vets
Malawi Youth League (Malawi Congress Party)
Young Pioneers (Malawi Congress Party)
South Africa Witdoeke
Yugoslavia Beli Orlovi (White Eagles)
Special Operations Unit (JSO)
Red Berets AKA Frenki's Boys AKA Grey Wolves
Serb Volunteer Army AKA Arkan's Tigers
Indonesia Satgas Merah Putih
Sudan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)
South Sudan Defence Forces - Tanginya Faction (SSDF Tanginya)
South Sudan Unity Movement/Army (SSUM/A)
Toposa Tribesmen
Anyanya II
Murle Forces
Popular Defence Forces (PDF)
South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF)
Sudan Liberation Movement/Army - Minni Minnawi Faction (SLM/A-MM)
Sudan People's Liberation Army - Bahr el Ghazal Group (SPLA Bahr el Ghazal)
Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army - Nasir Faction (SPLM/A-Nasir)
Fertit Militiamen (Peace Army)