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'Ragged' Militia (Uganda)

Name assigned by coder: yes
PGM ID Number: 99
Country: Uganda
Date formed: Feb. 20, 1981
Details of Formation: This group is mentioned as being one of the four security forces under President Obote's control but is also mentioned as being a 'local militia'
Date dissolved: Dec. 22, 1981
Details of Termination: this group is not mentioned about december 1981 - information on termination or how the group was dissolved and when is not available
Successor group(s): none
Private Military Company? no
Government Relation: type1
Government Link(s): no information
Training and Equipment no information
Shared Information and Joint Operations yes
Shared personnel no information
Types of Material Support: plunder and loot
State Sponsor(s): none
Other Connection(s):
Membership: village/rural; adolescents
Location: Northern Uganda, Qdjumani and Pakelle
Force Strength: [unknown, 5000]
Target(s): civilians
Purpose(s): no information
Other Information: This group has worked alongside the Uganda National Liberation Army on an operation (February 1981)