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Nov. 10, 1981
BBC Summary of World Broadcasts

Six hundred vigilantes were yesterday passed out after three weeks of militia training at Lunyo Farm, in Entebbe. The Vice-President and Minister of Defence, Mr Paulo Muwanga, who officiated at the passing-out, told the vigilantes . . . .He emphasized that the future of this country lay in the hands of the youth like the vigilantes . . . [He said] through a cautious approach, the enemies of this country, who were already on the run, will be liquidated. The vigilantes are the eyes of the Government and must take Govern- ment action against any wrong elements they spot. . .

Nov. 24, 1981
Christian Science Monitor (Boston)

Obote's answer to Army deficiencies is to create a special force of vigilantes, recruited from his own Uganda People's Congress Party, to counter rebel activity in the countryside.
A group of 600 men completing a political and military course at Entebbe were told they must be the government's ''eyes and ears'' and report ''wrong elements'' to the Army

Dec. 22, 1981
The New York Times

The creation of the new force means there are now four distinct armed units associated with President Obote's Government - the army, numbering about 15,000, the police, with 10,000 men, a ragged militia of 5,000 often youthful members, and the Special Force, which is designed to grow to 5,000 from its present 600 members.