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Jan. 2, 2001
Africa News

"I personally witnessed the MP dishing out money to the youth, some from my own village, who I can parade before you to give evidence that they were being recruited into a terror squad," claimed Mr. Orenge.

Jan. 7, 2001
Africa News

The Nation (Nairobi)

Opposition chiefs and rebel Kanu MPs yesterday said they will support the Ford-Kenya candidate in the South Mugirango by-election.
They also accused the General Service Unit of harassing Opposition supporters.
Addressing a press conference in Kisii town, the MPs,...claimed that the para-military GSU personnel were already in South Mugirango "disguised as Kanu youths and terrorising" Opposition supporters.
...alleged that there were plans to hire thugs to cause chaos at various centres to justify the deployment of the GSU while blaming the violence on Ford-Kenya.
"The GSU personnel from their Kilgoris base in Transmara District, have teamed up with Kanu youths known as Chinkororo to cause mayhem and we are asking the Government to remove them immediately," said Mr. Obwocha.

March 8, 2002
BBC Monitoring Newsfile

Police have named 18 groups it says are outlawed and are responsible for lawlessness and insecurity in the country. In a statement, Police Commissioner Philemon Abong'o said adherents to the groups would be arrested and charged. [...]
Other groups outlawed were the Jeshi la Embakasi Swahili for Army of Embakasi, which operates in Nairobi , Jeshi la Mzee the Elder's Army, pro-KANU youth group , Baghdad Boys, Sungusungu, Amachuma, Chinkororo which operates in Kisii, western Kenya...

July 19, 2004
Africa News

The East African Standard
But while most militia groups have been associated with violence, not all of them can be so classified. Some of them are, in fact, known to work for the general good of society. The Chinkororo are, for instance, appreciated by everyone in Kisii, though the group is as illegal as any other militia organisation....It comprises traditional warriors, who defend the interests of the community, particularly along the district's border with Maasais, Luos and Kalenjins.
The Chinkororo is well organised, disciplined and does not engage in acts of lawlessness. "Like the national army, Chinkororo does not fight within Kisii, but only tackles external aggressors. It regroups only when need arises," said a source.
It is mainly found in the South Mugirango, Bomachoge and Bobasi/Borabu areas.
The Abagusii remember with admiration the way Chinkororos rescued the community in 1991 during tribal clashes in the Borabu settlement scheme.
They have been known to engage Maasais, who attempted to steal cattle from Bomachoge. They have also engaged Luos around Ndonyo numerous times in boundary disputes.