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Government of Liberia (GOL) militias (Liberia)

Name assigned by coder: yes
PGM ID Number: 37
Country: Liberia
Date formed: Nov. 10, 2000
Details of Formation: part of the government's attempt to suppress the rebel LURD group.
Date dissolved: Aug. 11, 2003
Details of Termination:
Successor group(s): none
Private Military Company? no
Government Relation: type1
Government Link(s): person/minister
Training and Equipment no information
Shared Information and Joint Operations yes
Shared personnel no information
Types of Material Support: plunder and loot
State Sponsor(s): none
Other Connection(s):
Membership: adolescents; children
Location: north west of country/monrovia
Force Strength: [unknown, 40000]
Target(s): civilians; rebels, insurgents, or other armed group
Purpose(s): protect state, national or religious leader(s); fight insurgents
Other Information: part of the government's attempt to suppress the rebel LURD group. Membership appears to be based on forced conscription, mostly of children and adolescents. Groups like:Navy Command militia, the Jungle Lions militia , Special Safety Unit, National Board of Investigation, Demus Forces, Special Operation Division, Presidential Guards, Special Investigative Unit of the National Security Agency, stand-by unit; which are mentioned but not in any detail are included in operations coded under this title. loyal to Taylor but see other politicians as pocketing the pay that the militamen see as rightfully belonging to them Some groups work privately in addition to their loyalty to Taylor eg. charging protection money from local hospitals. Many militiamen believe in black magic and fight in costumes ie. wigs/feathers/amulets believing that this will protect them from bullets.