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Forest Brothers (Georgia)

Name assigned by coder: no
PGM ID Number: 165
Country: Georgia
Date formed: Jan. 1, 1993
Details of Formation: The Forest Brothers guerrilla movement was established in 1993 after the Georgians fled Abkhazia (BBC 2001).
Date dissolved: Unknown
Details of Termination: leader arrested on drugs charges Dec 2006 but mention of group still operating in 2007.
Successor group(s): none
Private Military Company? no
Government Relation: type1
Government Link(s): state/military institution
Training and Equipment no information
Shared Information and Joint Operations no information
Shared personnel no information
Types of Material Support: domestic government; drugs; crime
State Sponsor(s): none
Other Connection(s):
Membership: ethnic
Location: Western Georgia, Abkhazia, Gali district
Force Strength: [50, 700]
Target(s): civilians; rebels, insurgents, or other armed group; regular military force; international peacekeeping force
Purpose(s): protect national borders and integrity; self-defense and security; intimidation of ethnic/religious groups
Other Information: 'international peace keepers' refers to Russian peacekeepers.