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Inkatha aka Inkatha Yenkululeko Yesizwe (South Africa)

Name assigned by coder: no
PGM ID Number: 109
Country: South Africa
Date formed: Jan. 1, 1975
Details of Formation:
Date dissolved: Unknown
Details of Termination:
Successor group(s): none
Private Military Company? no
Government Relation: type1
Government Link(s): person/minister; political party
Training and Equipment yes
Shared Information and Joint Operations yes
Shared personnel no information
Types of Material Support: domestic government; self-maintained
State Sponsor(s): none
Other Connection(s):
Membership: ethnic; adolescents; party activists
Location: KwaZulu
Force Strength: [900000, 1600000]
Target(s): unarmed political opposition, government critics; rebels, insurgents, or other armed group
Purpose(s): protect national borders and integrity
Other Information: -originally a political movement (and again today), the organization secretely received government funding to fight in townships against the ANC, its major political opponent in the 1980's. (Hard to distinguish between political party and violent organization during that time) -It transformed into a violent, armed, pro-government group during that time. -Consists of Zulu population. - 200 members were trained by the SA military in 1986. -Chief Buthelezi was the leader, also being the Chief Minister of the so-called homeland of KwaZulu -Group was used to counter the actions of counter-apartheid activists by the government -Full name, Inkatha Yenkululeko Yesizwe (National Cultural Liberation Movement)